Wheelchair Lift and Custom Entrance in Windsor, CO

This wheelchair lift was installed for 4 steps in a garage and designed so that the tower of the lift fit up against the wall.  This plugs into a standard household outlet and will lift up to 750 pounds.  This lift was designed for a power wheelchair which was 300 pounds, and the adult user.  We reused the garage steps to save money and added a strong handrail for safety.  Inside the garage, the weather is not a factor, even though this lift is build for exterior use and sub zero temperatures.

City: Windsor
State: CO


Accessible Systems did a great job of a free evaluation and planned how our lift could fit into our garage. We needed a reliable lift that could fit in the corner of our garage.

Project Type: Battery Powered Wheelchair Lift

Project Details

This battery powered lift always operates on 2 batteries which are charged whenever the lift is not in use. This is the most reliable engineering as the lift will operate even with the power is out.

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