Curved Stairway Elevator on Complex Stairs Loveland, CO

This curved stairway elevator was installed from the main floor up to the 2nd floor.  All the bedrooms and bathroom in the home were upstairs and these stairs were 16 steps tall.  This configuration is an outside double 90 degree curve so that the lift started on the right hand side looking up.  This was the easiest way to enter the lift and allowed the exit position at the top to be on the right hand side looking up.   The large park position at the top extended along the chair rail to allow for the best wheelchair transfer.  The height of the chair was adjusted to exactly the same as the wheelchair.

City: Loveland
State: CO


We appreciated the fast service we received in spite of bad weather. The installation was done quickly and professionally and the stair lift is unobtrusive. Mike was good enough to look over the house and made some useful recommendations. We should be able to stay in our house now.

Project Type: Curved Stairway Elevator

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