Curved Stairlift Helps Couple Stay in Dallas, Texas Dream Home

When they bought their dream home in Dallas, TX 15 years ago, our clients weren't thinking about the fact that their stairs may pose a problem as they aged. Now that mobility is a challenge for them both, this custom curved stairlift was the solution to let them stay in the home they love. These stairs lead to the basement which is home to the big screen TV and their extensive collection of Dallas Cowboys and Texas memorabilia. The power folding footrest on this stair chair allows them to tuck it out of the way of the stairs so when friends and family come to watch the games there is plenty of room to navigate the stairs with trays of homemade pizza and chips and salsa.  

City: Dallas
State: Texas


Acessible Systems installed a chair lift at our home. They were professional and efficient. The chair lift works great!

Project Type: Custom Curve Bruno Stairlift

Project Details

To make their Dallas tri-level home fully accessible, our team took precise measurements of the staircase that runs from the upper level of the home to the basement. Making the 'Man Cave' accessible before the start of the Dallas Cowboys football season was a must for this couple who haven't missed a game in nearly 21 years.

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