Curved Stair Lift in Denver, CO

This curved stair lift in Denver was custom made to fit this curved stair case.  Each step slowly curves and this is called a large radius, because the radius of the stair curve takes 14 steps to complete a 180 degree turn.  Because we have completed hundred's of these lifts, this curved chair lift was measured within 1/10 of an inch with a photo measurement system.  The installation took about 6 hours and the lift fits within 8 inches of the wall including the 2 inch width of the custom curved rail. This curved stairlift accents the home as there is no visible gears of mechanical elements, and the rail look like a perfect piece of custom trim all the way up the stairs. We provide a free home evaluation to provide an estimate and full list of prices and costs.  This lift saved thousands of dollars over the alternative of selling the home or assisted living facilities.

City: Littleton
State: Colorado


We just love accessible Systems.  They provide a curved lift that fits out of the way of our stairs.  Their experience allowed them to install this lift on the right side of the stairs, which other companies could not do because it is more difficult.

Project Type: Curved Stair Lift

Project Details

This was a fantastic project where we installed a stair lift up a custom curved stairs in Denver.  This home had a beautiful staircase.  This was right at the front door, and went up to the bedroom and bathroom.  Because of this curved stairlift in this Denver, CO home, they have been able to stay in the home and avoided remodeling the main level.  There was only a small powder room of a bathroom.

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