BathPerfect Vanity, Floor and Bathroom Onyx Remodel, Denver, CO

The BathPerfect team completed this small bathroom makeover for a busy Denver family. Their dated bathroom felt dingy and dirty. What they wanted was an easy to maintain bathroom that felt clean, updated and modern. The remodel was completed with Onyx Products used in the shower on the walls and the shower pan and on the countertop. After the remodel, the homeowner was left with an easy to care for bathroom that suits their busy family and makes their home feel more updated and modern.

City: Denver
State: CO


Accessible Systems did fantastic work on our bathroom. They made sure every detail was to our liking. They used 1st class products. They took time to show want they could do with the bathroom remodel and what the many choices were. I would highly recommend them if you are doing remodeling work. - K.M., Denver

Project Type: BathPerfect Vanity, Floor and Bathroom Remodel

Project Details

Custom Onyx Countertop, Shower Pan and Shower Walls were used in the Bathroom Remodel project.

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