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Why Professionals Refer To Us

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Thanks to our fantastic dedicated professionals who refer to Accessible Systems.  Here is why our best referral sources refer to us…

We focus on helping people enjoy their home, as well as increasing safety and independence.

Given the choice, most people want to stay in their homes as they age. In one AARP survey, 89% of those 50 and older said they preferred to remain in their own residence, and the older the respondents, the stronger their feelings on the subject. (Click to Read Article)


“Adults want to remain healthy and independent during their senior years, but traditional long-term care often diminishes seniors’ independence and quality of life,” said Marilyn Rantz, professor in the Sinclair School of Nursing. “Aging in Place enables most older adults to remain in the same environment and receive supportive health services as needed. With this type of care, most people wouldn’t need to relocate to nursing homes.” (Click to Read Article about Outcomes resulting from staying in your home)


See How Medical Professionals are helping people stay in their home. (Click to Read Article)

Accessible Systems offers exceptional, specialized home modification solutions and accessible equipment.

What makes a full service home mobility solutions provider different?

Our world-class adapted showhome, certified aging in place specialists and entire staff are dedicated specifically to educating people how they can adapt their home to live and thrive meeting the needs of people who desire to live and thrive in the comfort of their own home. In fact, every detail within our adapted showhome has been designed to educate the patient & family and create optimal outcomes.

There are proven reasons to refer your patients to the only full service home modification provider in the region.  We have improved the home safety for thousands of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming families. 

KEY FACTS referring professionals should know about Accessible Systems:

• We are dedicated to providing your patients with an exceptional experience, including offering free in home assessments that prepare patients and their “families” to be empowered participants in the home modification process.

• We have a beautiful new adapted showhome that your patient will appreciate.  Our 3000 sqft showhome has all the rooms just like your own home including 4 bathrooms, a bedroom, living room, kitchen and staircase.

• We are licensed and accredited for general contractor work.  Our accessibility specialists and installers are trained and certified by the State of Colorado, CAPS, NAHB, C.A.E.C.  We have earned an A+ BBB rating after 14 years of business in the Colorado market.

We value our relationships with referring professionals, and the relationship you have

with your patients.  We want to partner with you to give your patient the best outcomes, and help you help them stay in the comfort of their own home.

To read more stories, get more information check out the links below. Or to have a tour of our adapted showhome, please call our community liaison directly at 720-358-8011

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