Stand Assist Patient Lift

Capella is an electrically powered Sit-to-stand lift, designed for people who have difficulty getting up. Capella raises the resident from sitting to fully standing in a comfortable way and without strain on the caregiver.

When standing, the resident can be moved, for example to the bathroom, where undressing is easily performed while in the lift. The lift is very easy to maneuver and spares the caregiver from heavy and dangerous manual lifts.

Capella is also appropriate for standing training, which strengthens the skeleton and stimulates circulation.

Lifting capacity:
350 lbs (160 kg)

Important features:

• Flexible lifting height, three positions available 
• Adjustable, padded lower-leg support 
• Comfortable Sit-to-stand vest in different sizes

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Also known as a portable sit-to-stand device, this lift is an excellent choice for toileting and transfers into small or awkward spaces. This durable, mobile stand assist lift helps both patients and caregivers with standing and transferring.

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