Refurbished or Used Stairlift Elan or LT

A gently used stairlift is an affordable way to access all levels of your home. Used stairlifts are refurbished to factory specifications, with a 15-point inspection, new batteries, and include installation, as well as a 30-day labor warranty. You can find used stairlifts online, but buyer beware; not every used stairlift will fit on your staircase or is reconditioned. Unlike our competitors, our used stair lifts are less than two-years old and only have one previous owner.

Bruno’s most popular stairlift, the Elan, is the affordable choice to help restore full access to your home. Designed for straight indoor staircases, the Elan stairlift offers a mix of high-quality standard functionality, unsurpassed reliability, and ease-of-use design. With Made-in-the-USA dependability, Bruno’s Elan stair chair helps you stay in your home with comfort and ease.

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A Bruno Elan used stairlift delivers safety, performance and ease-of-use at an economy price. Reclaim your entire home with the newest of Bruno stairlifts. Going upstairs and down has never been so effortless and inexpensive. Virtually everyone can afford home stair lifts like the refurbished Bruno Elan. This wonderful stair lift offers a long list of standard features at a price that will please the budget-minded customer:

  • Battery power ensures operation even during power outages
  • Arms, seat and footrest flip up creating plenty of space for guests to walk up and down the stairs
  • Generous seat size
  • A stair lift that can be installed on either side of the stairway
  • An elegant covered track gives you a clean and attractive rail
  • Soft start/stop feature provides the smoothest ride without hesitation
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Bruno Elan LT Brochure
Bruno Elan LT Folding Rail Options
Bruno Elan LT Technical Specifications

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Details & Specs

Bruno Elan LT Technical Specifications Bruno Elan LT Brochure Bruno Elan LT Folding Rail Brochure  


Bruno Stairlift Warranty (New purchases only) (Accessible Systems offers a 1-year warranty on all labor performed by our trained and experienced service technicians. Warranties may not be available/valid on older, refurbished equipment)

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