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Equipped with a Dual Motor Sync system, superior design is coupled with exceptional strength. This chair now features a system which works to continually keep the two motors aligned, continuing operation without interruption. Traditional dual motor chairs have a tendency for the motors to move at different speeds, forcing them to move out of sync, but the new Dual Motor Sync System has two sensors that detect when a motor extends too far and realigns the motors. This new system minimizes the need for service and repairs on the chair and keeps it running smoothly.

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  • Specifications for the Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position

    User Height: 5' 6" to 6' 1"
    Chair Sizes: XL
    Seat Width: 26.00"
    User Height (Low/High): 5'6 to 6'1
    Seat Depth: 22.00"
    Heat and Massage Option: Back Only
    Seat to Floor Height: 20.00"
    Seat Back Height: 29.00"
    Overall Width: 39.5"
    Overall Height: 49.00"
    Back Style: Button (Traditional)
    Wall Hugger Model: No
    Distance from Wall Needed: 18.00"
    Fully Padded Chaise: Yes
    Extended Footrest Available: No
    Upholstery Options: Fabric Vinyl Faux Suede Stain Resisting Fabric
    Instock Models Available: Yes
    Arm Covers Included: Yes
    Headrest Cover Included: Yes


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