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Ceiling Lifts are naturally out of the way and can reach any room. A ceiling mounted track can go through doorways, over beds, toilets, tubs, showers and chairs to eliminate most of your transfers.  Many home lifts go on the floor and are difficult to operation.  When you install the lift on your ceiling it is much easier to use, will take you over bed, chair, toilet, shower, recliner, or even your hot tub.

These ceiling lifts can be customized to install to any ceiling and to go anywhere in the house. You can lift yourself and travel anywhere your track is located, or you can use the ceiling lift with a caregiver and easily glide to your bed, your chair, your toilet, your tub or shower, your recliner, and anywhere else.  Here are some pictures of ceiling lift in the home.  Click Here to see ceiling lift in action for our customer in the project area of our website.    We provide a free evaluation in your home to help you find what will work for you.

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Ceiling-mounted patient lift systems offer a new sense of confidence to even the toughest of transfers by reducing anxiety, uncertainty and discomfort of patient lifting and repositioning. Rest assured, this will reduce the amount of injuries to both patients and caregivers, as well as enhance the quality of transfer throughout each and every lift. Ceiling Lifts made by either Prism Medical, Surehands, or HandiMove International might just be the best solution for your transfer needs!

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Ceiling Lifts are available in Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland.  We are a certified in ceiling lifts by our manufacturer and licensed and insured to install in your home.


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