Bruno Elan Stairlift

Consider this great lift with the newest design. If you want a lift to fit your stairs, this one has a 2 inch rail that fits tightest to your wall or hand rail. Most lifts take up 5-10 inches of your staircase.  This lift has the thinnest profile of any stairlift.  With a strong motor and soft start and soft stop, you will smoothly ride up your stairs. You don’t see the gears or anything unattractive with this lift, Everything is hidden from view and attractive.

This straight stair lift is rated #1 in reliability.  It runs on two 12 volt batteries and will continue to operate even when the power goes out.  The batteries are continuously charged ANYWHERE on the stairs.  As one of the few chair lifts with this continuous charging system, The Bruno Elan will always work for you.  300 lb weight capacity Direct drive motor/gear box



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Slim Track – Fits Within 2 inches of Wall. Our straight stairlift rides on a rail or track is only 2 inches wide. We offer the slimmest track- this saves room and makes every staircase easy to use for the entire family.
Safe – Each stairlift has safety features to provide ease of use. Getting into the lift is easy, and the chair swivels at the top to prevent any problem.
Reliable – Stair Lifts are designed to work for years of operation without maintenance. They are very quiet, easy to operate and continue to operate even in an emergency. Battery Powered – To insure reliable operation, each stair lift has two 12 volt electric batteries that will operate the lift for days without any power.
Installation – A trained stair chair lift technician can install your lift with a few hours, and fit the lift to your height, weight, and staircase environment. We can adjust for many different options to make a chairlift work for you.


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Bruno Stairlift Warranty (Accessible Systems offers a 1-year warranty on all labor performed by our trained and experienced service technicians)

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