ADA Ramp – 6 Foot – without handrails


An ADA Ramp System is a very good alternative to wood or concrete ramps as it can be ordered and installed in days and does not require any maintenance.  They are safer in wet or snowy weather because they have non slip ridges that do not wear out.  We stock these modular ADA ramps so that they can be installed quickly.


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A modular ADA ramp, or semi-permanent ramp, can be configured to allow easy access to just about any set of stairs. These high-quality ramps are safe, sturdy and durable and come standard with handrails on both sides. Aluminum ramps will not rust and have anti-slip ridges built in for added traction. If the total “rise” that you are trying to ramp is greater than 6″, you may want to consider using a modular ramp system. Modular, aluminum ramp systems can accommodate for tight turns, steep slopes, and even sensitive landscaping.

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