Ceiling lift equipment for the disabled, elderly custom installed in the bedroom of a home

Ceiling Lifts

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Ceiling Lifts Request A QuoteView Projects Ceiling Lifts Ceiling lifts are naturally out of the way and can reach any room. A ceiling mounted track can go through doorways, over beds, toilets, tubs, showers and chairs to eliminate most of your transfers.  Many home lifts go on the floor and are difficult to operate.  When you install the lift on …

An elder man in a bathroom lift assisted by a caregiver who hold the remote

Bathroom Lifts

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Bathroom Lifts Request A QuoteView Projects Bathroom Lifts Lifting in the Bathroom is the second most common need in the home or in a commercial building.  Transferring to the toilet, tub, or shower in an important part of a normal routine and activities of daily living.  When transfer assistance is needed and a stand and pivot transfer is not possible, …

Caregive uses a free standing, mobile, standalone lift on a disabled child and both are smiling

Mobile Floor Lifts

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Mobile Floor Lifts Request A QuoteView Projects Mobile Floor Lifts A mobile floor lift is similar to a Hoyer lift as it rolls on the floor, has long legs that extend around the wheelchair or under the bed. It has a boom arm that extends over your head and holds a sling on a spreader bar. The spreader bar is …

Red-haired woman, caregiver adjusting a wall mounted lift in a tiled shower area

Wall Lifts

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Wall Lifts Request A QuoteView Projects Wall Lifts Wall lifts are easy to use because they don’t touch the floor. Mounted to the wall, you can move yourself or have a caregiver move you anywhere within the reach of the lift. This lift is perfect beside your bed to make transfers between a chair and the bed possible, easy and …