Custom bathroom remodels by BathPerfect, an Accessible Systems company

Custom Bathroom Remodel

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  Custom Bathroom Remodel Request A Quote View Projects Custom Bathroom Remodel Custom bathroom remodeling includes everything from doors to floors, to showers and tubs (walk in tubs, walk in shower or both), custom vanities, and beautiful accents.  We also provide and install professional grade plumbing, shower and tub valves, sinks, and countertops.  With our custom bathroom remodeling, you can …

An elder man in a bathroom lift assisted by a caregiver who hold the remote

Bathroom Lifts

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  Bathroom Lifts Request A Quote View Projects Bathroom Lifts Lifting in the Bathroom is the second most common need in the home or in a commercial building.  Transferring to the toilet, tub, or shower in an important part of a normal routine and activities of daily living.  When transfer assistance is needed and a stand and pivot transfer is …

Roll in shower in a custom bathroom remodel with tiled floor and a wheelchair in the foreground

Roll in Shower

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  Roll in Shower Request A Quote View Projects Roll in Shower Roll in showers grant accessibility where a wheelchair or walker will have the most trouble. Almost 80% of bathrooms are the same size with a similar layout: 8 feet long by 5 feet wide with the shower or tub in back. The toilet is typically pressed firm against …

Walk-in tub custom installed in a home for the mobility-challenged

Walk in Tubs

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  Walk in Tubs Request A Quote View Projects Walk in Tubs Accessible Systems offers highest quality walk-in tub models. Our walk in tubs are an accessible bath tub that offer the therapeutic benefits of a spa. Our Walk in Bath Tub adds luxury, convenience and safety to your walk in bathroom. Because we are a high volume dealer, our …

Close up of an elder woman's hands gripping a bathroom safety grab bar

Handholds and Grab Bars

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  Handholds and Grab Bars Request A Quote View Projects Handholds and Grab Bars Handholds and grab bars = safety. They are essential fall-prevention products that can be installed in a home wherever extra grip is required. Handholds include safety poles like the SuperPole that can be combined with a SuperBar addition. These safety poles are non-permanent and are typically …

A woman in a wheelchair enters a home with ease thanks to the widening of a door frame and automatic door opener

Door Widening/Automatic Door Openers

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  Door Widening/Automatic Door Openers Request A Quote View Projects Door Widening/Automatic Door Openers Door widening and an automatic door opener help overcome the barrier of small doorways in most homes. As a general contractor, we can remove your existing doorway, and by widening the door frame, we can enlarge the opening making it accessible for a person in a …

A younger woman on a TubBuddy medical accessibility equipment inside a bath tub


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  TubBuddy Request A Quote View Projects TubBuddy If moving your loved one in and out of the bath tub in your home has become difficult, or you are longing to restore your independence by being able to bathe yourself in privacy and comfort, the TubBuddy may an ideal solution. Avoid the loss of your bathroom during construction, the expense …

A younger woman sitting on a ShowerBuddy inside of her shower


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  ShowerBuddy Request A Quote View Projects ShowerBuddy Your existing bathroom quickly transforms from a room full of barriers to an accessible bathroom with the use and installation of a ShowerBuddy system. In most cases, the system installs in less than an hour and offers you a portable solution that can move with you from home to home. The chairs …

Bath safety bench in a Brazilian walnut color in a tub

Bath Safety

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  Bath Safety Request A Quote View Projects Bath Safety Preventing injuries from falls and attaining bath safety in your home is possible, with some careful planning and a few modifications. The bathroom is known as the most dangerous room in your home and for a good reason! There are many barriers – like the narrow width of the door …

An accessible shower for easy wheelchair access, custom installed in a remodeled bathroom

Accessible Shower

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  Accessible Shower Request A Quote View Projects Accessible Shower Accessible Showers feature an open floor plan design with a zero threshold that is level with the bathroom floor. The accessible shower is also know as the euro shower or roll in shower because there is no barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. The key to …