Stair Lifts

See below for each model of stairway lift.  Here are several tips to choosing the right stair lift.  A Stair Lift can be call a stairway lift, chair lift, or a chair glide, but you should ask several questions to pick the right stair lift for your stairway.

  1.      Is this stair case inside or outside your home?
  2.      Do you have a straight set of stairs or is there a landing in the middle or a continuous curved wall?
  3.      Do I need to carry a wheelchair up the stairs or just a rider?
  4.      Do I want a stair lift that fits close to the wall and folds up to save space?
  5.      Is there a door near the top or bottom of the stairs?

Click on the stair lift models below.  We are happy to come up and inspect your stairs, and when we understand your needs, and the layout of your stairs, we can recommend a model and an affordable price.

Learn more about Why You Should Choose a Stairlift from Accessible Systems, What Impacts the Cost of Your Stairlifts, and Whether You Need One Lift or Two in Your Home.

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