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Platform Lifts

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Platform wheelchair lifts can lift 750 pounds and travel from 1 to 14 feet high. These are mini elevators. They can be used outside or inside for much smaller solution than a ramp and are ideal for anyone that needs to remain in their wheelchair during transfer. Contrary to a stair lift, on which a rider must transfer onto and off or the stair lift (2 transfers total), a platform lift eliminates the need to transfer or even have a chair at each level in a home.

Flexible Use – This is a great option to move up steps in a garage, between levels inside the home, up to a porch or landing, to move between floors.  The Wheelchair Platform Lift can be designed to fit your home and your wheelchair.  It is carries 2 people easily and can be installed inside a shaft like an elevator.

Reliable – Because of smart safety features and a simple mechanical design, a Platform Lift will last for years.  Options like battery backup and battery operation, as well as emergency lowering make this a dependable choice.

Affordable – Using universal lifts made here in America, you can find the best price for the lift and installation.  Universal lifts can be changed and reconfigured, which means they can be purchased used or resold.

Choices – You have options of screw drives, electric or battery, as well as hydraulic platform lift, and all meet ADA specifications.

Call for Questions or Free Evaluation – Call us to ask your specific questions and schedule your FREE evaluation in your home or office.

The Vertical Platform Lift Makes Your Home, Garage, Porch, or Deck Easily Accessible

Sometimes called a porch lift, Our rugged and reliable wheelchair lift is a residential lift that provides efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home.