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Accessible Systems Lift and Service Team


Mike Cockrell, Accessible Service Manager

Another Colorado native! After working and traveling as a Gunners Mate in the US Navy for several years, Mike settled back down in Denver and has been doing amazing work for Accessible Systems since 2007. He is happy to be part of such a great company that takes care of its customers, along with their employees. Although Mikey doesn’t have any personal mobility issues, he sincerely enjoys working with and helping people who do. Mr. Cockrell is quite the family man, as he goes home each day to his wonderful wife and three beautiful daughters. Want to get in touch with Mike C.? Just give him a call at 720.358.8012 or better yet, email him at [email protected]





Jesse Surratt, Accessible Service Technician

Jesse is our lift-team lead here at Accessible Systems! He is originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but moved to Colorado when his father was transferred here for work. Jesse brings over six years of technical customer service to the ASI lift team. And guess what… he likes golfing too! Jesse will likely be the one who calls you to schedule service calls and installations. He is very knowledgeable about our accessibility products, and is available to help answer questions just about any time. Don’t hesitate to give him a call directly at 720.358.8015 or you can email him at [email protected]




Mike Ayers, Accessible Service TechnicianDSC_0121

Just one of a few (like several) “Mikes” we have on our accessible team! Mr. Ayers is originally from our neighboring state of Nebraska, and came across the border to Colorado to join us here at Accessible Systems. He brings over 10 years of experience to the table, as well as personally having helped his own grandparents maintain their ability to stay independent in their own home. In his spare time, Mike likes drumming, 4-wheeling, target shooting and riding motorcycles. He was also on America’s Funniest Home Videos as a kid… our very own resident celebrity!! If you need to get in touch with Mike A., you may do so by calling 720.358.8014 or by emailing him at [email protected]





Robert Sequeira, Accessible Service Technician

Robert joined the Accessible team after moving to Colorado from Lowell, Massachusetts. He has been in the field for over 7 years and brings plenty of expertise to our team. Like many of the employees here at ASI, Robert really enjoys a good game of golf (or chess), as well as long walks in the park. This happy and handsome gentleman will be proud to help you with your service and repair needs! Want to get in touch? Just call 720.358.8019 or email him directly at [email protected]





Jonny Homra, Accessible Service TechnicianDSC_0127

A true Colorado native! Jonny has lived and worked in Denver all his life and is proud to be a member of such an outstanding lift and service crew. Even though he is the youngest employee in the field, he still brings 3 years of experience and a positive attitude with him to work each day, and is a pleasure to have around the office. Jonny is able to bring a unique perspective and sensitivity to the team, as he has a family member with a brain injury which affects her mobility. Have you requested a Service Call for your equipment? Jonny just might be the one coming by to fix it!






Martin Kitzman, Accessible Service Technician

Martin has been a member of the Accessible Systems team for almost one year! He was looking for stable and fulfilling work, and was able to find just that working as a technician on our ASI lift-crew. He is originally from our great state of Colorado and is happy that his work/life balance includes unlimited access to our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Have you requested a service call or install lately? Martin might just be the man coming to do the job!





Clay DiStefano, Accessible Service TechnicianClay

Welcome to the Accessible Systems team, Clay! Our newest team member, Clay, is originally from Oklahoma, but moved to Colorado as a young boy. Previously, he worked as a field service technician/installer for seven years throughout the Rocky Mountain region. In his spare time, Clay enjoys off-roading and motocross, videogaming, and fixing up cars and motorcycles. Basically, if it has wires or wheels, he’s interested!