fort collins modular wheelchair ramp

Modular Ramp System at in Fort Collins, CO

Nathan Colburn Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

Modular Ramp System at in Fort Collins, CO

City: Fort Collins
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Modular Ramp Systems

This wheelchair ramp system in Fort Collins, CO was able to be installed in 4 hours after only 5 days from the initial order. Because it is installed over the existing stamped concrete, nothing is damaged and this ramp could be removed, reconfigured, or reused at anytime.

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These guys were awesome! They showed up when they said they would. Mike took time during the consultation to walk us through all of our options. We decided to have a temporary modular ramp installed. They took care during the install to make sure the landscaping and structure was not damaged in any way. The ramp was very stable, which was critical since the wheelchair alone weighed about 400 lbs. When we were done, I made one call and they came right away, removed the ramp and restored everything to its original condition. Overall an excellent experience…Thanks Mike!

-Rick F.