A ceiling lift motor attached to a sling installed by Accessible Systems of Colorado Springs in this Pueblo, Colorado home

Overhead Ceiling Lift in Pueblo Colorado

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Overhead Ceiling Lift in Pueblo Colorado

City: Pueblo
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Ceiling Lift and Transfer System

This homeowner used their Medicaid funded ceiling lift to transfer primarily from their bed to their recliner or wheelchair. The sling allows for support while transferring and its lightweight fabric keeps the person being transferred snug and comfortable.

Installation of Ceiling Lift in Pueblo Home

Ceiling lifts are as practical as they are versatile and durable. The motor does all the heavy lifting and it glides on the ceiling-mounted track to allow a person to be lifted and transferred with safety and ease from one side of the room to the other.

Benefits of a Ceiling Lift for Pueblo Residents

  • Ease of use with a control remote.
  • Sling allows for a customized fit, unique to the person being transferred.
  • Track is firmly secured to the ceiling and walls of the home requiring zero construction to make the lift fit.

What are 4 Common Transfers?

Four common transfers that a ceiling lift can help with are:

  1. Transfer between chair and bed
  2. Chair to chair (recliner, shower chair or couch)
  3. Chair to toilet
  4. Chair to shower or bathtub which can minimize the number of transfers

It’s important to consult a certified ceiling lift expert that fully understands one’s daily routine so that best ceiling lift or alternative solution can be recommended. Finding the right solution allowed this Pueblo, Colorado homeowner enjoy their home.

Ceiling Lift in Motion

The ceiling lift shown in this video is a demonstration only and not the actual ceiling lift that was installed in this Pueblo, CO home. The certified technician, however, is an Accessible Systems employee. He demonstrates how the lift can transfer a person from chair to chair in this case.

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I can now transfer my loved one from bed to chair without having to break my back.