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May 2014 Newsletter- Home Safety

Nathan Colburn Newsletter

10 Ways to Improve Home Safety and Accessibility

Are you living in a split level, tri-level, ranch, apartment, condo, patio, walk out basement or multi-level mountain home?  Every home has an opportunity to create a safe and beautiful living space.

Check out 10 solutions to make your home safer today!

  1. Are Your Grab Bars Groovy?

One in three adults 65 and older falls each year.  Installing a $20 grab bar in your shower area can save thousands in medical cost.  Protect those who come to visit you in your home!

Installation Video on Groovy Grab Bars!

  1.  No Step Entry Designs

People of all ages and mobility levels can benefit from a no step concrete entry.  Friends with strollers, elderly family using walkers and friends in wheelchairs can easily visit you.  Increase your resale with this look and style.

  1.  Do Your Stairs Need a Lift?

Indoor or outdoor stairs can be modified with a stair-lift for access to your front door, a second floor or a basement.  Stair-lifts can have curves too.

  1.  Convert That Tub Into A Shower

Choose to remove an extra tub and create a safer showering place with a walk in shower.  These transformations can happen in one day!

  1.  Safe Bathing Solutions Like Walk In Tubs

Safe bathing is critical as we age and choosing a walk-in tub is not only safe but offers hydrotherapy benefits.

      6-7.  Euro Style Bathrooms & Balance Aids

These open and spacious bathrooms will accommodate any user! See how much more room is created when a no step entry shower is designed. A simple floor to ceiling pole helps people make safe transfers in the bathroom.

  1.  Recliners That Look Good and Are Good To Your Hips!

A lift chair, or rising recliner can be the perfect solution to your comfort and health needs. Some models even have built in heat and massage features, in addition to the therapeutic positioning of zero-gravity

  1.  That’s a Ramp!

Your home should reflect your style and ramps can showcase your style.

  1.  Saving Space in Your Garage

For those two pesky steps into the house that everyone has in their garage, a vertical platform lift will save space. Now you have a safe entrance from the convenience of your garage and you can still park your car!