March 2014 Newsletter

Nathan Colburn Newsletter

The Big Question- To Rise or Recline?

PREDICAMENT– “My Father-­In-­Law had polio as a teenager and as a result has lived with a seriously atrophied leg. He walks with cuff style crutches, 75 years old and 235lbs, 6 feet tall. He spends a godly amount of time in his recliner, but getting in and out of it is clearly a source of great discomfort for him,”

-Concerned Daughter-In-Law in Denver, CO

Storm’s Quick Fix? – USE A LIFT CHAIR!

Lift chairs look and feel like a regular chair yet with infinite adjustability! For our aging relatives, a lift chair allows them to position the chair at a high level when it is time to sit down. Once in position, the chair lowers down with them in it. People with arthritis can alleviate the bending and any unnecessary pressure on their joints by using a lift chair.

Come into our adapted show home and Kim will help you find the perfect lift chair for your loved one. They are available in multiple sizes, styles, designs, colors and fabrics. Mention this article and receive a special discount.

lift chair


Some lift chairs now even come with built-in heat and massage features. Call or come in today and let Kim help you find the chair that will best meet your needs.

Thanks for sharing your great experience!

February 12th, 2014 — “Accessible Systems is wonderful, efficient, kind and everyone needing handicap modifications should contact this company. I am very impressed with the beautiful work they did. The team was efficient, work was done in a timely manner and they clean up after done . The employees were very kind and thoughtful, doing an amazing job!!!! Going up/down stairs use to be very difficult, until Accessible Systems put in a stairlift, which I call “The Zephyr Express” (after a chairlift at Winter Park ski area). Nathan Colburn, Project Managers, Mike, Robert, and other helpers were so amazing and did great work. Also, the bathroom was remodeled with wider doorways, roll­in shower and other handicap modifications. Project manager, Marvin, Adam and other helpers were just wonderful, efficient, courteous, and did a beautiful job!! Before I had a tiny, narrow bathroom and shower. I kept clean often but it was difficult and a chore to take showers! Now it is so easy and I love my showers!!! It’s so easy to get out now and enjoy life! My quality of life is back. It’s all beautiful. I Love It!! Thanks for making my life so easy now. Thanks for your care and doing this for me as well as other people who need help. You Rock!!!”

Written By Jeaninne Kasa