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Do You or a Loved One Freeze While Walking?

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The U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer was designed specifically for those with neurological conditions. Using a patented U-shaped base, the U-Step is ultrastable and offers users advanced control, stability and maneuverability and has been proven effective for those who have been diagnosed with ALS, Ataxia, Stroke, PSP/MSA, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injuries and Balance Disorders.

Unique Features of the U-Step Include:
Reversed Braking System – Users must squeeze the handle triggers to go forward and can easily let go if the walker begins to get away from them. Allowing the user to catch up to a stable device rather than one that rolls away.
Smaller Turning Radius – A typical walker requires up to 50″ of space to turn around. The U-Step can make a complete turn around in only 29 inches of space. The smaller radius makes it ideal for homes with narrow doorways, use in the washroom, kitchen, and hallways.
Rolling Readjustableustep |sistance Control – Adjustable rolling speed allows you to set the resistance of the wheels on the walker to speed it up or slow it down. Many walker users feel that their walker rolls to fast for them, this feature makes it easy to get the speed just right.
Spring Loaded Front Wheel – Just like the shocks on your car, the spring loaded front wheel of the U-Step helps avoid sudden jolts to the user as they glide over uneven surfaces like molding strips, cracks in the sidewalk or floor transitions. portableustep |
Easily Folded for Transport – The U-Step Collapses in just 3 easy steps and fits into most personal vehicles. The unit weighs just 21 pounds and doesn’t require any bending to collapse or assemble.
Padded Seat with Storage – Taking a break and keeping your personal items close at hand is easy with the padded seat and storage compartment on the U-Step.
Optional Laser and Cueing Module – For those with Parkinson’s who freeze and those with irregular gate, the cueing module can help normalize walking, increase stride length and guide your steps with a built-in red laser beam.

The U-Step 2 comes in three models and accommodates users 4’10” – 6’2″ in height and up to 375 pounds in weight. Made of tubular steel and aluminum, this sturdy and amazing walker may be just the thing you or your loved one needs. See the U-Step for yourself by scheduling an appointment with one of our accessibility specialists today!

See the demo video of this incredible product here.