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“In June of 1991 I hit a bear on my motorcycle in the Sierras resulting in a broken hip, a broken pelvis, a broken wrist, a ruptured spleen and a helicopter ride. At the time I lived in a third floor walk-up in San Francisco. After a week in the hospital in Reno they sent me home on crutches, non-weight bearing on my left side, with a broken right wrist and with a fresh nine inch abdominal scar. Even in a big city like San Francisco there were no resources that I found or were referred to that could address my many mobility issues.

Fundamentally I didn’t know what I needed and didn’t know how to find someone to help me figure it out. I got one OT visit to the home to teach me how to sit up and get in and out of bed, then I was on my own. Because I was weakened at my core and also at opposing extremities I had to do a massive amount of improvising.

Based on this experience when I discovered Accessible Systems years later I knew that I had a contribution to make. Having experienced a catastrophic lack of mobility I could not only empathize with the difficulty of navigating a familiar space with new limitations I was also fully aware of the fact that pain and pain medication have a cumulative effect, not only on the body but also on the spirit. Often these effects have no outward signs.

When I enter a client’s home for an evaluation I consciously make it a point to consider not only what I can see but also what I often can’t. The purpose of a home evaluation is not to tell someone what they need, it’s to listen to them and to find a solution collaboratively. My contributions to this collaboration are a direct result of my personal experience with mobility issues.”

— Ken Hendren

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