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After sustaining multiple traumatic injuries to my head, neck and spine during my childhood and adolescence, I finally realized that my life could be substantially easier by just making a few simple changes around our home. We installed raised, comfort-height toilets, lowered the threshold on our shower/bath and raised our counters up a few inches. Little did we know that all of our efforts would come in handy so much sooner than we thought! In January of 2014, my brother was involved in a near-fatal car accident. He broke virtually everything in both of his legs from the waist down, and was confined to a wheelchair for over 6 months- before learning to walk again with the help of walkers, braces, crutches, canes and even a bionic leg. After the dust settled from his initial emergency surgeries and extended stay in Boulder Community Hospital’s rehab facility, he was then able to go home- to my house- since it was the most accessible of the options we had at the time. We had a wheelchair delivered from another medical supply company in town, but quickly realized that we couldn’t get far without a ramp. So, I put in a call to Accessible Systems and explained our situation… Vanessa was the one who answered the phone and took such good care of us with great attention to detail. I was impressed at the level of customer service that was provided by Accessible Systems, so I made a mental note of the business name and location, just in case I might need help with other things in the future with our aging parents (who insist that they’re all going to move in with us).

Then, one day (about a year-and-a-half later) while waiting to go into an appointment in the same neighborhood as Accessible Systems, Kim and Janice walked by and saw me sitting in my car. Having believed that I was someone else, they tossed a bouquet of dead flowers in my open window and then quickly realized that I wasn’t who they had initially thought. Thankfully, I’m pretty easy going when people throw foliage my direction… Anyway, I’m pretty sure that Kim offered me a position here at Accessible Systems most likely because she felt so terribly about the flower-throwing incident 😉 I am incredible grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an Accessible System.

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