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KS107.5 Christmas Wish 2016

Nathan Colburn Information

“Dear Morning Show, 
I am writing a Christmas wish on behalf of my mother. It has been a long 10 or so years for my mom Sandra, in regards to her health. My mom has always worked on her feet and busted her butt to make a living. About 10 or so years ago, while working as a screener at the airport, she started noticing her legs randomly buckling underneath her or losing sensation in them for a minute or so. She went to the dr’s and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since then she has been in a progressive battle with the disease, and it has been eating away at the use of her legs. She had to go into disability retirement because she could no longer stand on her legs all day to work. Around that time she was diagnosed with our family’s curse, diabetes. My mom struggles to pay her bills on her limited income of disability. Even so she tries to help her family as much as she can; including myself; as I am a single mom to a 2 year old and struggling myself. About a year and a half ago, I  was driving my mom home from the store, when she started to have chest pains and begged me to take her to the nearest emergency room. Though just in her early 50s my mother was having a heart attack, maybe caused by her conditions and her forced inactivity. We were lucky that it was relatively mild, though she did have to have a couple stents placed, wracking up her medical bills. These days my mom can barely stand up. She has to use a walker and is only able to take a few, very difficult, pained steps. Falling is a constant worry. My mom longs for the ability to move and be independent and get back a peace of her life. She loves when we go to the stores that have scooters for their customers because she then moves around freely once more. She longs fiercely for a scooter of her own so she could move freely around the world again and even at home. But because she is able to still somewhat manage to lift herself up in a standing position and take those couple hard steps; doctors with their bureaucratic red tape says her condition doesn’t warrant the scooter so that it’s a complete medical necessity and cover the cost completely through insurance. My mom would have to pay a few thousand dollars out of pocket, making the scooter she needs so badly out of reach for us. KS morning show, I pray there is some way you could help my mom and help her get a piece of her life back. Thank you for taking the time for reading this. God bless.”
KS1075 Christmas Wish
When Sandra came into the showroom, she was riding backwards on a 4-wheeled walker being pushed by her son. This is no way to go about seeing the world! Now Sandra can live an independent life, full speed ahead and facing forward- toward her future. Her enthusiasm and desire to regain her independence brought tears to our eyes and an ear-to-ear grin when she took her new mobility scooter for a test drive. We sincerely wish Sandra and her family many years of happiness and adventure to come! Merry Christmas from Accessible Systems…