Home Builders Foundation Stairlift Gifting

Home Builders Foundation Stairlift Gifting

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Accessible Systems believes that it is important to give back to its community and help those in need. Over the past FIFTEEN years, Accessible Systems has been a proud supporter of the Home Builders Foundation. Employees from Accessible Systems sit on the HBF’s Gifting Committee, board of directors and Executive Committee. They also attend site visits and, most importantly, serve as Project Captains overseeing HBF modification projects. Accessible Systems is consistently one of the companies completing the most projects annually with the HBF. In 2016 alone, Accessible Systems was involved with thirteen home modification projects. The recipients they helped ranged from individuals with spinal cord injuries and those living with multiple sclerosis to others aging in place.

Home Builders Foundation Gifting with Accessible Systems
Accessible Systems just wrapped up an HBF project for Gilbeth B., a 17 year old Parker girl living with a spinal condition called spinal muscular atrophy #3 which has resulted in her being in a power wheelchair full time. Her mother stays home to help Gilbeth with her everyday needs and her siblings are working to support the family because her dad recently suffered a heart attack and isn’t able to assist like he once was. Despite these challenges, the spirits in this family are high. Be sure to check out the inspirational music video created by Gilbeth.

The HBF partnered with Project Captains Accessible Systems and Joyce Homes to complete this two-part project for Gilbeth. Accessible Systems installed a custom stair lift so Gilbeth could more easily navigate between floors at her home without the assistance of others. Joyce Homes and their team of contractors tackled the bathroom.

“Before, I needed to be carried up and down the stairs and that was very nerve-racking. Now thanks to HBF, all I have to do is use my chair lift and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s so much more comfortable and easy to do everything. My family and I are very grateful for everything that has been done for us! Thank you, I truly can say that. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with the Home Builders Foundation, you’re definitely missing out on some truly kind hearted people that really care and will change your life!”– Gilbeth B., HBF recipient

Established in 1993, the Home Builders Foundation is a Denver-based nonprofit whose mission is to provide accessibility solutions and home modifications for individuals with disabilities and financial need. The HBF provides an opportunity for Accessible Systems to use our unique talents and resources to help those with disabilities. For more information on the Home Builders Foundation and the important work they’re doing in the Denver community, visit www.hbfdenver.org or contact us at 303-551-6721.