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Vertical Platform Lift: HBF of Metro Denver Project

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Vertical Platform Lift: HBF of Metro Denver Project

City: Denver
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

Giving Back

Accessible Systems gives back to the local community with the help of the Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver.

Why a Vertical Platform Lift

In 2011, a vertical platform lift was installed for a young man named Brian. Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motocross accident. Brian’s mom was unable to get him in and out of the home and the need for specialized equipment arose. The vertical platform lift (or VPL) was installed to help overcome this challenge.

Benefits of a Vertical Platform Lift

This is a common story. Out of tragedy comes hope, and a VPL has many benefits.

  • The platform can lift someone in a wheelchair or scooter, plus a caregiver at the same time (between 750 and 1,000 pounds from 14 inches to 14 feet high).
  • Overcomes steps at any entry/exit point in a home and can be installed to be non-intrusive for people that are not disabled. A VPL is often out of the way of a normal walk path.
  • VPL is powered, so there is no manual lifting involved.
  • Takes up much less space than a wheelchair ramp.
  • It can be removed and taken with a homeowner if moving becomes a necessity.

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“A million thanks for everybody that was involved!”

-Debbie M, mother of wheelchair lift recipient Brian M.