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Home Accessibility Gets Personal

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Home Accessibility Gets Personal

Why should we care about home accessibility? For me, it gets personal.  When my family heard about the accident that happened to one of our own, we didn’t know what was ahead.  A spinal cord injury leaves everyone hoping that she would walk again, but the doubt grows.  As the days went by, everyone just hoped she got better and came home.  After things stabilized, it was every day at the hospital, and everyday something good and something bad happened.  But slowly, but surely, she got everything back, and learned to live again.  I was amazed to see that living with a wheelchair was more than possible, it was a good life.  Then she went home.

It was tough all over for her, as every barrier, steps, doorway, bathroom, every room.  It was like she was injured all over.  Home Accessibility is part of the healing process, but it shouldn’t be a the worst part.  She learned quickly what was needed, and overcame the extra hardship.

When I learned what could be done to make sure homes are the hardship, there wasn’t a single company that could do what was needed.  Contractors wanted to help, but they didn’t know how to remodel for accessibility.  Handymen would do anything, but we had to design everything, and we had to learn what was needed. Medical Equipment stores wanted to provide a solution in a box, but it never fit right.  As more and more people go home healthy after something like this, why wasn’t there anyone with the experience and expertise to help.?

Eleven years later, Home Accessibility is still a learning experience, but we take it personal.  After life changing event, going home means that life goes on, and we are proud to be part of that.  Making homes accessible is why we are here, and helping our customers overcome their disability, injury, or the aging process is our mission.

I want to say thanks to my cousin, Cristina, for showing me the overcoming tough times are what family is for.  We are proud of her courage and what she has accomplished.  Now, we get to enjoy the world of home accessibility.
She has accomplished so much and shown everyone that life is what you make it. Here is a great picture of her surfing at Virgina Beach.
cristina surfing