5 Case Studies of Home Accessibility Solutions

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Take a look at the following home accessibility solutions that sparked happiness from our clients, and let’s celebrate these families’ stories and lives.

1. Modular Wheelchair Ramp Installed in a Garage

Happy, smiling disabled wheelchair user at the top of his newly installed modular wheelchair ramp in the garage of his Utah home

Michael enjoying his new wheelchair ramp

Michael is all smiles at the top of his newly installed modular wheelchair ramp in the garage of his Utah home. Installing a ramp in a home garage entrance can work. The immediate concern with installing a wheelchair ramp in the garage is that it will take up too much space in an already tight area. 12 inches of ramp is required for every inch of rise. This means that for an elevated entrance like this, that would normally require climbing 3 steps between 7-8 inches tall each, the ramp’s length could range between 252 to 288 inches, or 21 – 24 feet of ramp. That’s a lot of aluminum winding around one’s garage. A home’s design is a key factor and in this case, we were able to install the ramp along one wall and in one straight path, avoiding having to wind it around. This frees up the garage to be used for a vehicle, but more importantly, allows Mike to enter and exit his home safely and with ease.

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2. Stair Lift Installation on a Straight Staircase

Stair lift installation in the garage of a Denver home with a happy senior couple riding

Don and Sue can now access their home

Don and Sue approve of their new stair lift installed on the garage stairs leading into their Denver home. In this home, the wooden stairs and railing remained in tact, so a stair lift was an ideal solution. When the seat is folded up, there remains plenty of leg room for visitors to ascend the stairs. The stair lift is also non-permanent. It can be removed and moved if needed.

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3. SureHands Ceiling Lift in a Bedroom

A disabled, smiling, cheery woman in her bed with the SureHands body support ceiling lift system

Laurie can more easily transfer from her bed to chair and back

Being disabled, transferring from her bed to her wheelchair was a daunting task for Laurie. With the SureHands Body Support ceiling lift system, such transfers have become easier and safer. It gently hoists her up from under her arms, much like the arms of a caregiver would. The powered motor does all the lifting, and the ceiling lift glides on a ceiling mounted track that can transfer her to another room in her Dallas home altogether, if needed. It’s evident Laurie’s found much jubilee with her new lift system, and with good reason.

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4. Vertical Platform Lift for a Wheelchair

A disabled man in a wheelchair rides down an inclined platform lift installed in his Denver home

David independently rides down his vertical platform lift

Imagine the newfound joy from being able to independently enter and exit your home if you are a wheelchair user. No more steps and no need for anyone to lend a helping hand. Thanks to his new vertical  platform lift (VPL), installed in the garage of his Denver home, David can now come and go as he pleases. The lift secures his wheelchair in place so it doesn’t roll off while in motion. The space-saver design of a vertical platform lift takes up very little space in his garage. The actual footprint required to fit this type of lift system is only about 4 feet by 4 feet. Even though David is not smiling in this particular photo, he is surely exploding with happiness inside.

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5. Power Recliner Chairs Provide a Lift

An older adult couple give a thumbs up as they rest in their power recliner chairs.

Wendell and Donna are in heaven in their power recliner chairs

Power recliners are stylish, comfortable, and functional. They come in a variety of models, colors and features. They can not only compliment a home, but also one’s lifestyle. The practicality in these lift chairs is to be explored. They not only recline, they lay back flat, or can invert slightly to alleviate back and neck pain. They come with optional lower lumbar and neck support, and the material is soft to the touch. When needing to stand, these power recliners tilt upwards at the rear, which aids with rising to one’s feet. Not THIS is aging in place and in comfort.