A grab bar hidden in the design of a bathroom remodel

Hide a Grab Bar in Plain Sight

Armando Carillo

When you hear the word grab bar you probably think of a stainless steel bar that looks like it could belong in a hospital, rehab facility or doctor’s office. What many people don’t realize is that making your home safer doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of your home. By making grab bars available in a wide variety of finishes and styles, many homeowners are discovering that it is easy to add safety and stability without making their bathroom or other room in their home look like a clinical space.

Did you know that those aged 65 and older, falls often cause more serious injuries, such as hip fractures? Seniors are also more likely to be injured getting on or off the toilet.

inv wtrh cp |This beautiful toilet paper roll holder looks like a designer, high-end accent in your bathroom. What no one needs to know is that it is a grab bar to help you transition from standing to sitting or sitting to standing. Standing after sitting for a long time can result in a sudden drop in blood pressure that can cause light-headedness or dizziness.

A professionally installed grab bar will be weight-bearing so that in the event of a fall or in case you need to brace against it, the bar will not let loose from the wall.

Near the commode isn’t the only place in the bathroom with a high risk of a fall. Around the shower and bathtub area is particularly dangerous because of the combination of a slick surface and water. Many injuries that occur in the bathroom happen in or around the wet areas. If you find yourself bracing against the wall, holding on to a surface-mounted towel bar or steadying yourself with the help of a partner or caregiver it may be time to put a grab bar in these areas.

What do all of these photos have in common? They are all grab bars hiding in plain sight.

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Grab bars can also be installed in your shower to help make showering easier by bringing the showerhead closer to you or your caregiver.

This set up features a handheld shower that slides up and down the bar to adjust for the height of the user but also functions as a grab bar and showergrabbar |a connection point for the handheld shower. The high-end finish on this bar and handheld shower combination makes it look less like a home modification and more like a spa-like upgrade in your tub or shower.

Decorative grab bars can also be placed in other areas of your home to help provide stability and security. Our team is commonly asked to install these beautiful bars in homes near the steps down to a living room, laundry room or the garage. We have also placed grab bars near the back door or front door of the home to aid homeowners in steadying themselves while they slide their shoes on or remove their coat.

Let our team of safety and accessibility experts show you the latest in grab bar design and help you understand where you might need a grab bar in your home. Call today and schedule your free, in-home accessibility evaluation.