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Helping Your Loved Ones Maintain Their Independence

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The holidays are filled with visits to the homes of family and friends. These visits are a time for joy and celebration, but they are also a time to pay attention to the needs of those we love. Every year our team responds to the panicked phone calls of sons and daughters who come home to see mom and dad or visit aunts and uncles and realize that their ability to get through their home safely has changed dramatically since their last visit. As we prepare to spend time together this holiday season, here are a few ‘red flags’ to look for when it comes to the home safety and accessibility of our loved ones.

Using Walls or Objects to Steady Themselves
Whether they are unsteady because of a change in medication or because of the natural aging process, bracing against household objects, like chairs and sinks, is common and dangerous. Holding on to the wall next to the stairs provides little security in the event of a fall. If you notice these behaviors, it may be time to install grab bars or a custom steel railing in the home to provide weight-bearing support and give peace of mind.

Avoiding Showering or Bathing
As we age, flexibility decreases. Many of our families notice that their loved one’s personal care routine has changed because of this. Stepping over the wall of a standard bathtub can be difficult and dangerous. Remodeling the bathroom to remove an old tub and install a walk-in shower or tub is an option. However, if budget is a concern, our team has some excellent and cost-effective options that can restore the ability to shower and bathe independently and safely.

Crawling Up or Scooting Down the Stairs
There is nothing cuter than a toddler crawling up the stairs or scooting down on their bottom, but when our parents or elderly relatives do it, it is cause for concern. This behavior is usually the result of unsteadiness, poor vision, or a reaction to a stumble/fall on the stairs that you may (or may not) know about. A stairlift is a safe and customizable option that allows for access throughout the home. Accessible Systems offers both custom curved and straight stairlifts. Schedule a free, in-home consultation with one of our stairlift experts today! These lifts are more affordable than many people think.

Staying Home More Often
Avoiding leaving home to attend church, grocery shop, or even take a walk around the block can mean that your loved one’s mobility challenges begin at the door. A ramp in the garage, out the back door, or leading to the front of the home can encourage them to get out and about or welcome company into their home. If mobility, once they are on the go, is the issue, a walker or scooter can help make covering the distance from the parking lot to worship or shopping manageable.

Not sure where to begin? Unsure what product is right for your situation? Schedule a free, in-home evaluation with one of our accessibility experts and let us help you understand the barriers to independence and safety that exist in the home. Call the location nearest you to schedule! Denver, Dallas, Colorado Springs, Utah, Nothern Colorado