Gavin Mackenzie – January 2018 Featured Professional

Gavin Mackenzie – January 2018 Featured Professional

When Gavin Mackenzie comes into work at Accessible Systems in Greeley, he never knows exactly where his day will take him. Serving customers all over Northern Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana with overhead lift systems and educational in-services makes good use of Gavin’s more than 15 years of experience in the disability and mobility industry. Before he joined the ASI team in January of 2016, Gavin helped the elderly and disabled find mobility with power chairs. While the equipment may have changed, the desire to serve those with accessibility has not.

Make transfers from bed to wheelchair easy and safe with an overhead ceiling lift.



As Gavin talks about the clients he has worked with, his passion for his work is evident. Listening to him describe the freedom, safety, and security that he watches his clients experience as they move through their home for the first time in their lift makes it clear that not only does he love his job but he is excited to find a creative solution for the challenges that these parents, caregivers, and users face every day. Using ceiling lift systems like SureHands lets caregivers safely lift and transfer their loved ones throughout the home with ease.

Move from room to room with an overhead ceiling lift system.


The SureHands lift offers peace of mind and allows those with mobility challenges to reclaim independence within their own homes. Gavin works with clients and their families to understand the current challenges they face when it comes to daily living activities like bathing, toileting and transferring from bed to wheelchair. When it comes to installing the lift in the home, our team works tirelessly to ensure that the lift system will meet all the client’s needs and goals. For some clients, the idea of being able to get out of bed on their own seemed like an impossible goal until they received their lift.

Multiple turntables allow for increased access to the bathroom for toileting and showering.

Once the new lift is installed, many people wonder how they ever lived without it or why they didn’t ask about the equipment sooner. Gavin loves bringing the lift solution to parents who care for their special needs children or to elderly people who want to age at home rather than in a nursing home. The dramatic impact ceiling lifts, like the SureHands, have on these caregivers, families, and clients is evident to Gavin as he completes the final walk through on the installations and trains the users on the new lift. Seeing the relief on the faces of the people he serves makes all those miles worthwhile.

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