ft worth curved stairlift

Ft. Worth, Texas Family Gets Curved Stairlift

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Ft. Worth, Texas Family Gets Curved Stairlift

City: Fort Worth
State: TX, Texas
Project Type: Bruno Curved Stairlift

A Ft. Worth, Texas family was faced with a tough decision this winter when it became necessary to move an aging relative into their home. A two-story staircase was a major concern. With a little late night Googling, the family found our Dallas, Texas team and invited us to come to their home for a free evaluation. After talking extensively with the family and working to understand their loved one’s abilities, our team measured for a custom curve stairlift. Within a few weeks, the lift arrived and our team had it installed within one day. A few days after our install, the homeowner’s great aunt moved in and was amazed by the new stairlift. She uses the curved stairlift several times a day and is loving the freedom and security that it provides. A curved stairlift is designed to fit within the existing staircase and landing so that pets and other occupants of the home can easily get by.

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