An older couple exiting their home into the garage about to ride a FlexStep wheelchair lift

The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair Lift

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The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair Lift

City: Denver
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Wheelchair Lift

Paul has a progressive condition and has unfortunately taken some falls down the stairs in his home. These accidents have left him wheelchair bound. Paul and his wife of nearly 50 years, Kathleen, needed to adapt their home to allow him to move around, but they did not want the equipment to look bulky and unappealing. With universal design in mind, they hand-picked the FlexStep Lift to allow accessibility into and out of their home from their garage.

Universal Design that Compliments
Installing mobility equipment in challenge areas like the garage, which has an elevated door, and to overcome stairs, they chose to approach accessiblity with universal design in mind. Design for accessibility is specifically for the mobility challenged. Whereas, universal design means that even people that are not disabled or handicap can use, move about, on or around the equipment without restriction or limitation. Modifying their home to be accessible with universal design in mind was appealing because should they ever decide to sell their home, the equipment could stay behind and could actually raise the value of a home, if certain criteria are met.

Their Forever Home
Kathleen and Paul’s home is not a 1-level, ranch style home, which is the ideal home type for the disabled and handicap. It has levels. With the various home modifications they undertook, including installing a Stilz home lift elevator, 3 wheelchair ramps inside the home, a stair lift, grab bars, and the FlexStep lift in their garage, they feel like they’ve accomplished accessibility.

FlexStep Wheelchair Lift

Stiltz Home Lift Elevator

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It’s been wonderful. We can now enter and exit, get Paul into the car and really go places and it’s really simple.