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Ken Hendren, Accessible Home and Lift ExpertDSC_0118

Ken is our wonderful stairlift, ramp and railing specialist. He will be happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation estimate to help determine which personal lift products will best meet your needs. For the most part, Ken is from California, although he came to Colorado via Massachusetts. And of all the reasons to move to our great state, he came here for a girl! Ken has been part of our awesome, Accessible team for over seven years. He just bought a home with eighteen rose bushes, so it appears that roses are his new hobby! Click to learn more about Ken’s story. You can contact Ken directly at 720.358.8008 or by email at [email protected]




Dave Martin, Accessible Home and Bathroom ExpertIMG_6711

David Martin joined the Accessible Systems team after moving to Colorado from Hoschton, Georgia. Dave is able to effectively address the sensitive nature of home-accessibility issues, as his mother was a stroke victim and needed home modifications in order to remain safe and in the place she loved. He has been working in construction for over two decades! Fun fact: Dave coached high school football for 18 years. Go team, GO! He really is a true Southern gentleman, very kind and easy to work with. Feel free to contact Dave directly at 720.358.8009 with any or email him at [email protected]







Mike Kirby, Accessible Medicaid Specialist

Just call him “Medicaid Mike!” If you are working with an agency or caseworker to help with your home modifications, chances are you’re also working with Mike! He is here to help with any questions regarding home modifications, Medicaid status and approvals, and in-home evaluations and consultations. If you would like to contact Mike K., please don’t hesitate to call him directly at 720.358.8004 or via email at [email protected]





James Balentine, Accessible Bathroom Expert

Like valentine without the “v,” James is yet another Texas transplant who moved to Colorado to be closer to family. He may be one of the friendly faces who comes to your home for our free, no obligation estimates on bathroom remodeling. In his free time, James likes to golf (along with many other members of the Accessible Team!). He has first-hand experience making homes accessible, as his mother needed some in-home accommodations that Accessible Systems was able to provide. James has been working in the field for over two years. In the market for a bathroom remodel? James will be happy to come by and work with you during a free, no-obligation home evaluation. Just give him a call at 720.358.8010 or send him an email at [email protected]

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