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Marketing and Community Relations


Amy Dee Dickinson, Accessible Community Liaison

Another Colorado native! The Accessible Systems crew just wouldn’t be the same without Amy Dee, our mindful marketing expert and community liaison. Just over five years ago, Amy joined the Accessible team, and was excited about getting the opportunity to work with a growing small business that combines head and heart consciousness. Amy’s father was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, so she can relate to many of the difficult situations that our clients also face in trying to keep their loved ones at home. Fun facts about Amy: she was a member of the Denver Nuggets Dance Team from 1996-1997! She has also run in 20 consecutive Bolder Boulder marathons… Wow! Want to get in touch with Amy? Feel free to drop her a line at 720.358.8011 or email her directly at [email protected]




Hanna Waugh, Accessible Bathroom and Marketing ExpertIMG_6741

Originally from way up high in the hills of Leadville, CO, Hanna has ventured down from the top of the Rockies to join us here at Accessible Systems Headquarters here in Denver. Hanna has helped her grandparents be able to stay in their home, despite accessibility issues, by utilizing the products and services that ASI has to offer. Although Hanna enjoys being a part of the friendly and fun work environment here, she would still love to one day own a zoo. Or at least rent some chickens for a summer! If you would like to schedule a free, in-home consultation with our BathPlanet division, Hanna would love to help! Just give her a call at 720.358.8007 or email her at [email protected]

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