Custom wood wheelchair ramp Denver CO2

Custom Wood Wheelchair Ramp Denver, CO

Nathan Colburn Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

Custom Wood Wheelchair Ramp Denver, CO

City: Denver
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Wood Wheelchair Ramp Custom Built for Accessibility

This wood wheelchair ramp was custom built in the front yard of this Denver, CO  home. It meets both ADA ramp guidelines, and is also universal in design, meaning that it will not impede or block access to the home for those that are not handicap.

Benefits of a Wood Wheelchair Ramp

The wooden wheelchair ramp helps the disabled homeowners overcomes the small steps leading into the home to allow easy and safe access to their home. The wooden railings are a must and they provide an extra level of support for those that are still mobile, but may be fall vulnerable (take our free fall risk assessment test).

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I was satisfied with the work, they were very polite and I am happy with the outcome of the job.

-Laura B.