Curved Stair Lift or Two Straight Stair Lifts

Curved Stair Lift or Two Straight Stair Lifts

Curved Stairlift or Two Straight Lifts?

Many companies want to sell a simple product, but we encourage you to do more research.  A Straight stair lift is designed to take you up a single flight of stairs, but when you have 2 stairways, what is the best option?

Two straight stairlifts are somewhat cheaper (maybe $2000 less), but many users will have difficulty walking from chair to chair in a landing. What is your long term plan?  Will the user get stronger or is there a progressive condition where balance and strength will diminish?  Will the user ever use a wheelchair?  As you can see below, there is rarely room on a landing for a wheelchair or a helper.  Any doorway will probably also be blocked, as well as foot traffic on the landings.

A Curved Stair Lift can be designed to fit any staircase, landing, or user.  The fit is important, but a curved chairlift give you all the options.

An expert in home accessibility can determine the best lift and the best configuration for you, and you may be surprise to find how affordable the right option is for you.

Curved Stair Lift

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2 Straight Stair Lifts (not installed by Accessible Systems)


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