Curved Indoor/Outdoor Stairlift and Euro Style Bathroom Conifer, CO

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Curved Indoor/Outdoor Stairlift and Euro Style Bathroom Conifer, CO

City: Conifer
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Custom Curve Stairlift

Accessible Systems was introduced to Henry about 3 years ago. We have now completed several products which have allowed Henry to stay in his home. Henry is a retired Texas oil man who retired to a log cabin in Conifer. Henry also has a progressive disease that limits his mobility. Henry’s cabin is down the hill from the road and as his condition progressed he was unable to walk the stairs to access transportation to medical appointments and for other outings. The stairs had a number of elevation changes and curves which required a custom stairlift. We were referred to Henry by a competitor that he had already done business with because they couldn’t provide a solution for him. Working directly with Bruno’s engineering department we were able to create a custom outdoor stairlift that could travel the 60ft from Henry’s garage down to his cabin. This custom curved stairlift has allowed Henry to stay in the home of his dreams that he worked all of his life to retire to. Henry also had his bathroom modified. We installed new tile, roll in shower pan, and various grab bars. We have completed several projects for Henry: Indoor Custom Curve Stairlift Outdoor Custom Curve Stairlift Euro Style Bathroom Grab Bars *Names have been changed for privacy

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