5-star Certificate of Inspection for COVID-19 compliance in Arapahoe County

Safety is Our Top Priority: COVID-19 Compliance

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Bring Safety Home logo - COVID-19 compliance, 5-star approved facilityJanuary, 19, 2020 update:  Accessible Systems is a 5-Star approved facility for COVID-19 compliance. This continues our efforts to keep our customers and staff safe. See the Certificate >>

The impact of social isolation and/or social distancing, both coronavirus COVID-19 countermeasures, are testing our country and making life exceedingly difficult for people with disabilities and the elderly. We need to pull together and support these individuals as this situation evolves. At Accessible Systems, Inc. (ASI), our top priority is to protect our community and continue to help every person remain independent, or gain independence, within a safe home environment.

For the elderly, specifically, who depend on the assistance of caregivers, a relative and those that spend the majority of their time alone, another threat that supersedes the coronavirus are deaths from falls within the home. The CDC estimates that falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among persons 65 years of age and over, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. As such, ASI has fully committed to doing its part in combating both the coronavirus and to continuing to provide home evaluations, service calls, assistive equipment installations, and home accessibility remodels with heightened protocols, to help keep our senior population safe and feeling supported in their home.

COVID-19 COMPLIANCE: What is Accessible Systems Doing?

  • We are cleaning our offices and vehicles vigorously and routinely to ensure we remain virus-free.
  • Should anyone on our team start showing ANY cold or flu symptoms, that person will be required to stay home and not return to work until they are cleared by a medical doctor.
  • We will continue in-room visits, as allowed, and in-home evaluations, with permission, and are welcoming over-the-phone or virtual consultations and appointments.
  • Our showroom will remain open, and we welcome anyone wanting to pay us a visit to drop-in to learn about our services.
  • For in-person visits:
    • Every ASI team member will clearly communicate their intention to, or will demonstrate, washing their hands with soap, a hand sanitizer and/or a medical grade disinfectant, before entering a medical facility or a private home to meet with our customers or referral sources.
    • Booties will be worn, or rubber gloves and shoes will be thoroughly disinfected, prior to entering a facility or private home.
    • Non-contact social greetings will be in effect, while maintaining the CDC-recommended 6-foot distance between people as much as possible.
    • ASI sales people and technicians will disinfect their equipment, tools, mobile phones, tablets or other electronic devices prior to entering a facility or home.
    • Workflows specific to construction or equipment installations, will be streamlined to minimize the amount of times an ASI technician will enter and exit a facility or private home to get a job done.
    • Upon completion of an evaluation or an installation, the work area will be cleaned and disinfected, along with any other surface area that the ASI team member may have touched.

Let’s hope and pray that we are doing too much, and that our community will pull together and support every person that wants to remain safe, independent and self-reliant within their home. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. Stay well!