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COTA Perspective

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By Lenore Morton, COTA/L

When working in therapy, we strive to look holistically at patients. We learn to create patient-centered goals for ADL success and functional well-being. And soon, voila, they pass their goals, graduate from therapy and head home! Here is where these patients now become our potential clients.  As Leland et al, explain, “The need for home modifications may arise from a change in an older adult’s living circumstances as well as changes in performance.”  

At Accessible Systems, we are every bit as meticulous about home adjustment outcomes as a therapist is in attaining therapeutic goal outcomes. As a newer employee, I had no idea of the pre-construction considerations that are made by our knowledgeable employees when addressing home modification needs.

The “scope of practice” necessary to maintain a happy client in their home needs to access medical professionals, home modification professionals and families, not to mention friends and caregivers. Medical professionals like Doctors, PTs, OTs, Case Managers and Social Workers are necessary for prescriptions, home assessments and possible financial resources. Experts in our realm include, Sales Reps, Installers, Managers, Office Staff, Logistical Employees, Suppliers and, when needed, Financiers.

A holistic approach to each person’s situation is imperative here at ASI too! ASI created my position as “Lift and Transfer Specialist” because they are committed to safety and integrating professional recommendations in the home. I am learning about the excellent reputation Accessible Systems holds with clients, the BBB (A+ rating), medical facilities and personnel along with fellow contractors. For those who are forward thinkers, they also offer a sort of pre-modification in their BathPerfect product line. BathPerfect products are a way to remodel now, creating a great looking bathroom at your current status, yet making future modifications an easy add-on, if/when they become necessary. Safe solutions are what ASI specializes in when home modifications become necessary, and being able to address holistic needs in the home address is where we excel.



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