concrete ramp salt lake city

Concrete Ramp in Salt Lake City, Utah

Nathan Colburn Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

Concrete Ramp in Salt Lake City, Utah

City: Salt Lake City
State: UT, Utah
Project Type: Concrete Wheelchair Ramp

A new home means new challenges for those who rely on a wheelchair to get around. This concrete ramp in Salt Lake City, Utah was built by our team for the homeowner shortly before they moved in. Now they are not limited to entering and exiting their home through the garage and can use the front door of their house. Not only do concrete ramps provide a low maintenance solution for accessibility, but they can also add aesthetic appeal to your home with decorative metal railings or wooden railings. Concrete wheelchair ramps also withstand the tough winter conditions in Utah well.

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We are so happy with this amazing installation and helpfulness of Brent and Jeff. They came quickly and did a great installation. We feel very fortunate to have had your company provide this with excellent service.