Outdoor wheelchair lift, vertical platform lift custom installed to the deck entryway into a home

Why Choose a Wheelchair Lift?

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Many homeowners realize that they just don’t have enough room in their garage or outside their home to install an ADA compliant ramp. As a result, our team has seen homeowners who have created smaller, and more space saving solutions. The problem is that these shorter and steeper ramps can be dangerous for those who use them and for their loved ones or caretakers. One solution that Accessible Systems can offer is a wheelchair lift, also known as a verticle platform lift (VPL).


Bruno VPL with optional Weather Canopy

Wheelchair lifts have come a long way and are more space efficient than ever before. Reducing the amount of space you need to maximize the accessibility to your home. These lifts can be used both inside and outside for heights up to 14 feet and feature weather resistant controls, a specialized coating, and an optional weather canopy. A wheelchair lift can accommodate any scooter, powerchair or wheelchair that you or a loved one use.

The Accessible Systems team is proud to install Bruno wheelchair lifts for our customers. These lifts provide safe and reliable performance you can trust.

Why Bruno?

Made in America – The Bruno company is owned by a veteran who is proud to use only American made components in the production of these lifts. From the mechanisms inside the machine down to the last screw and washer, every piece is made right here. This family-owned company is based in Wisconsin and stands behind their product with more than 30 years of experience and one of the best warranties in the industry.

High Performance – Delivering a smooth, quiet ride, Bruno’s wheelchair lifts have a weight capacity of 750lbs and offer an automatic, self-lowering ramp which makes accessing the ramp easy. The ramp folds up when the lift is in use to create a built-in safety barrier.

Reliability – Continuously charged DC battery-powered motor on lifts 10ft or above ensures that your lift stays operational, even during a power outage.

Safe – Unit shuts down when the platform touches an obstruction underneath, much like your residential garage door.

bruno wheelchair lift

Recently completed install of a VPL

A VPL can be configured in multiple ways with doors at different access points to help make your home easily accessible. Take your wheelchair lift from deck to basement, driveway to porch or garage floor to the kitchen door. The Bruno vertical platform lift gives people in scooters and wheelchairs the ability to enter/exit their home safely and easily. See More Details Here

Interested in learning more about a wheelchair lift for your home? Let one of our lift specialists perform a free evaluation of your home! With more than 18 years in the accessibility industry, our team has the experience you can trust to help you choose the best solution for your situation. Fill out the form below or call our office to schedule your in-home evaluation with our team.