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Why Choose a Bruno Stairlift From Accessible Systems

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As we age, our flexibility, balance, and mobility change. The National Safety Council estimates that more than one million injuries occur each year as a result of falls in the stairway. Even using a simple staircase in your home can be dangerous if your eyesight is failing, your stability has diminished, or you have balance problems. Many older homeowners purchased their homes when they were young and able-bodied. What was once an attractive and functional part of your home may not have become a barrier to being able to move freely throughout the house you love.

For more than 30 years Bruno Independent Living Aids has helped keep people with limited mobility or mobility challenges in their homes. Made in the United States, Bruno is committed to holding its - BrunoCurveproducts to a high standard of quality through documented standards which help ensure the finest quality every time. Backing their workmanship with a limited lifetime warranty adds additional peace of mind to a product known for its durability and reliability.

Accessible Systems proudly offers multiple Bruno stairlift options to help keep you or your loved ones in their home. These handcrafted indoor stairlifts can be designed to fit any staircase and are available in both straight and custom curved configurations. The low profile design of Bruno’s rail system allows more room on the stairs for pets, friends and family members to pass by than other brands. With various power and comfort options available to make your lift suit your lifestyle, Bruno and Accessible Systems bring the solution, style and comfort you need to stay in your home safely.

For those who wish to be able to navigate staircases outside their homes, Bruno offers an outdoor stairlift model. Engineered to withstand the weather and able to cover extended distances, these outdoor lifts allow you to access boat docks, patios, swimming pools and other features of your home that may currently be inaccessible. These lifts are custom made to match the angles, elevation, and length of your stairway.

When you choose to buy a Bruno stairlift from Accessible Systems, you’re not just getting a great American-made product from a local, family-owned company, you’re getting expert installation, service, and repairs. Each of our stairlift technicians attends an in factory training in Bruno’s Wisconsin base manufacturing facility where they go to learn measurement, installation, repair, and - brunostraightmaintenance techniques direct from Bruno. These technicians are required to complete this extensive course and prove their skills before they become Bruno Certified. Our long-standing reputation with Bruno as a Diamond Dealer doesn’t just indicate that we sell a lot of stairlifts. Maintaining our Diamond Dealer status with Bruno means that we meet their high standards for customer service, support, and satisfaction.

We invite you to speak with one of our stairlift experts and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation. For many customers who need a straight stairlift in their home, installation can happen within days. We stock the Bruno products in your local warehouse and know that our customers value a timely response and installation of their new Bruno stairlift.

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