Chair Lift Pricing

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Chair lifts pricing, also called a stair lift (click to see our models), can vary based on the model,  what type of stairs you have (straign, cuved, L-shaped, etc.), your specific needs, and where you are located.  Here are some good budgetary tips as you consider the chair lift pricing.  Financing can be available for the right person or use case.Used Stairlift or Chairlift

Is your staircase Straight or Curved?

A straight stairlift is usually priced between $3200-$4200 which should include installation and a long term warranty with at least 5 years for the mechanical parts.  That price should cover 16 feet of rail, the chair and chassis, and 2 remote controls.  Check the weight limit and motor size as well as the quality of the chair to compare pricing.  Many time, the cheaper chair lift price will contact a very small motor that is struggling at high speed.  The weight limit may be 300 pounds but the motor is only 1/8 horse power and is struggling to carry the weight.  A larger motor will make your chair lift more reliable, last longer, and smoother to ride.

A curved stair lift is custom built for your staircase and includes a chair that needs to self adjust to be level at every angle of your stairs and platforms.  Also the custom-made rail will only fit on your stair case.  The correct curved lift price will vary based on the number of curves and the type of curves on your stairs.  A simple curved stairlift may be $9-$11,000 with a single curve or landing.  If your staircase curves at each stair it is called a large radius curved chair lift.  This type of lift can be $12-$15,000 in cost.

As always, the quality of the lift is important, as many of the curved stair lifts will require a service call each year that can range from $200-700 per year.  We have seen some stairlift only last 1-2 years before needing to be replaced.  The best stairlifts are built to last 10-20 years and provide reliable use without service calls and charges.

Would you consider a new or used or reconditioned chair lift?

A used or reconditioned lift can save you money if it is reliable.  A reconditioned stair lift should be about $1000 less than a new straight stair lift including the installation and warranty.  You cannot buy a used curved stair lift because the rail will not fit your staircase.  Most of the price of a curved stairlift is in the custom rail, and to get another rail made would be as much as a new lift.

Our used chair lifts include a 30 day labor warranty vs. the new lift that has a 1 year labor warranty.  A used chair lift should be less than 5 year old and be check by a reputable dealer.  Many stair lift are sold on but there are 2 problems.  The rail is usually cut to fit your staircase, however, a used stair lift has been cut to fit another staircase.  If your stairs are longer or taller than the other staircase, this chair lift rail will not fit on your stairs.  You can always cut a rail shorter, however, it can be expensive and sometime impossible to order a new rail for a used stairlift depending on the model.

We offer a free expert opinion on any used chair lift so that you will not find that you have purchased an expensive boat anchor. The other consideration is will your used lift be reliable.  The older the lift, the more service it requires.   Also, there are some lifts that are designed for 2-3 years of operation and sold on the internet that are not suitable for a used stairlift.  Watch out for Ameriglide, Summitt, Acorn, TK Access, Meditek, Easy Climber, Also, most stairlift will only fit on 1 side of the stairs.  If you want to install the lift on the other side of stairs, you are out of luck.

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