Ceiling Lift girl room

Ceiling Lift Systems in Salt Lake City Saves Back Breaking Work for a Little Girl and her Family.

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Ceiling Lift Systems in Salt Lake City Saves Back Breaking Work for a Little Girl and her Family.

City: Riverton
State: UT, Utah
Project Type: Ceiling Lift

This ceiling lift is designed and installed to transfer from bed to chair and back again in a home near Salt Lake City, Utah. The ceiling track or rail was installed in the ceiling without damaging the ceiling. It can hold 400 lbs and glides over the bed. Because the ceiling lift does the work of lifting and positioning, the family can provide care without injury or additional care givers.

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Comment: Our daughter, Kendra Muller was paralyzed in 2011 from a freak accident at a friend’s home. After a pool party she and four other 14 year old girls climbed onto a hammock that was attached to two brick columns that were part of the patio. Unfortunately, one of the columns had wood within it that had rotted since it was not weatherproofed at the time that it was built. The weakened column fell and crushed my daughter’s neck at C-6. This accident has left her with no feeling or movement from the collar bone down. For the first two years after her accident we had to physically lift Kendra to get her in and out of bed. We borrowed a friends portable sling ceiling lift and concluded that it was not convenient and not something Kendra could use independently. A friend at Neuroworx showed me a you- tube video of Sandy and the Sure Hands lift. I was immediately interested in the product. I called to find out about the product and Jeff came out and demonstrated it with a portable Sure Hands Lift. Kendra was not thrilled at first, but was convinced after trying it out. Within a few minutes she had figured out how to put on the leg straps and get herself into the body support. We now do not have to break our backs lifting her in and out of bed. This product has literally been a life saver. Our three daughters can help Kendra use the lift to get in and out of bed, including our youngest who is 6 years old. Thank you for selling and installing such a great device! The installers were quick, friendly, and a pleasure to have in our home. Thank you Accessible Systems!!! Sincerely, Amy Muller