Disabled veteran gives thumbs up to his ceiling lift installation with track systems in his Fort Collins home

Ceiling Lift Installation with Track System for Handicapped Veteran

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Ceiling Lift Installation with Track System for Handicapped Veteran

City: Fort Collins
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Ceiling Lift

This ceiling lift installation with track system for this veteran was made possible thanks to VA funding programs. It helped him stay safe and independent at home. Accessible Systems has helped him customize a barrier-free bathroom, added a stair lift to his basement, and installed a customized handicap ceiling lift system from bedroom to bathroom.

The newest addition to his adapted home is this ceiling lift in his garage. His Occupational Therapist, Jackie, worked alongside Jesse from Accessible Systems to ensure the lift was installed in line with his needs and capabilities.

David is able to wheel himself out to his garage, call his ceiling lift over to his wheelchair via remote control, and place his sling around his body. When positioned correctly, the lift brings him safely up out of his chair, toward the front of his garage, and directly onto the Braun Turny seat of his truck (click/tap video below). This special seat swivels out of his truck directly under the ceiling lift rail above.  He can ride the ceiling lift and lower himself into the seat, and then the seat swivels him behind the wheel. Utilizing the Braun Turny seat and the hand controls, David can maintain his independence and social life by making it to appointments and visits around town safely AND independently! Dave is enjoying life.

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This ceiling lift helps me enter and exit my truck on my own, so I can hit the road!