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Ceiling Lift Helps Nurse’s Wife

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Ceiling Lift Helps Nurse’s Wife

City: Colorado Springs
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Ceiling Lift

When your wife is in a wheelchair and you are a busy nurse, caring for your back (and your loved one!) whilst maintaining a safe environment in your home is enhanced with a SureHands® Ceiling Lift System. That is what this couple found out after using floor mobile lifts for years. This lift went from a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom to the bathroom toilet. This also allows for transfers to the wheelchair or shower chair as needed. As you can see, we weight test each lift before we leave on installation day. Three hundred pounds are moved along the rail to ensure the lift is safe for your transfers in daily use. We employ a full service team to support you after your lift is up and running. SureHands® Ceiling Lift System recommends an annual inspection to stay on top of battery replacement and any other checks that need done.

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I needed a solution to save me from further back pain and injury from transferring my wife (and other patients). Surehands Ceiling Lift Systems made all the difference in both my life and my wife’s!