Ceiling-mounted track system of a ceiling lift for this Denver, CO home

Ceiling Lift Helps Family in Denver

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Ceiling Lift Helps Family in Denver

City: Denver
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Ceiling Lift

What is a ceiling for a Home?

A ceiling lift is a motorized device that allows a person to easily lift and transfer someone to access any portion of a home with the push of a button. In some cases, the person being lifted can operate the equipment themselves, without the help of a caregiver or family member.

Installation of a Track System

In Denver, Accessible Systems can mount a lift via a ceiling-mounted track system, or a self-standing lift can be set up. Ceiling lift tracks can go through doorways to various rooms, and can be customized to most any ceiling height. Because they are located overhead, the need for floor space is unnecessary, which reduces the chance of injury for family members, children or caregivers.

Making Transfers Possible and Safe

These ceiling lifts allow a rider to travel within their home anywhere the track is located, from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom and back. Our Denver ceiling lifts can create a more effective approach to caregiving, and it is important to note that lifts reduce injury incidents during the transfer process and can save time by reducing the amount of transfers needed in any giver daily routine. Ceiling lifts have helped many disabled, handicap, older adults and anyone with mobility concerns in Denver, Colorado.

Living in Place

Ceiling lifts can also help to minimize or delay the need for expensive nursing care or assisted living facilities.

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The ceiling lift is perfect for our disabled daughter. Transferring her from her bed to chair, or skipping the chair altogether, like when needing to bathe, has been super convenient.