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Straight Stair Lift to Basement is Eva’s Little Workhorse

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  Straight Stair Lift to Basement is Eva’s Little Workhorse City: Denver State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Straight stair lift Heading down the long, narrow and deceptive straight staircase into Eva’s basement, a sign hangs on the wall that reads, “Too much of a good thing is beautiful.” That’s certainly Eva’s sentiment now that she can access her basement with …

elite stair lift greeley co

Straight Elite Stair Lift in Greeley, CO

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When the grandmother needed help, and this family was committed to keep her in a private home, they created a mother-in-law suite upstairs, and installed this Elite stair lift. This lift has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and has extra room between the arms for a comfortable seat. This user wanted the larger seat and the adjustability that 5 inches of seat height adjustment could give. She was using a walker now, but know that she might need a wheelchair later. By installing this Elite stair lift, the seat can be lowered later to a wheelchair height. In this way, the wheelchair and the seat of the stair lift are the same height and she can slide over easily.

Straight Stair Lift Brighton Colorado after

Straight Stair Lift Brighton, CO

Nathan Colburn Projects, Straight Stair Lifts

Here is a project where we installed 2 stair lifts and remodeled the bathroom to remove the bathtub and installed a shower. This stair lift fit within 2 inches of the wall and allowed full access to the 2nd floor where the bedrooms and bathroom were.

Elite Straight Stairway elevator utah

Stair Lift Fits Within 2 inches of the Wall

Nathan Colburn Projects, Straight Stair Lifts

This Bruno Elite Stairlift was installed in 2008 and fits within 2 inches of the wall. Here you can see that it only extends 6 inches at the top of the stairs. It is the only stair lift that has all the mechanical track hidden to create a safe and easy to use stairlift.

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Straight Stairlift in Cheyenne Wyoming

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This American made straight stairlift in Cheyenne, Wy was installed in about 3 hours in only 3 days from the time of order. This lift fits within 2 inches of the wall and folds up tight to the wall. This staircase is 17 steps and measured over 18 feet from top tread down to the floor. The standard rail is only 16 feet long, but we can install a stairlift up to 24 feet long.

straight stair lift colorado springs folding rail

Straight Stairlift in Colorado Springs, CO

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This stair lift fit perfectly between the carpet runner on the stairs and the wall trim. Because the stairs ending right in a walkway, the folding rail allows this lift to not take any space at the bottom of the stairs. This home in Colorado Springs needed a clean rail and a minimum of foot supports so that it would look natural. The handrail didn’t have to be removed because this lift fits so tight to the wall and the stairs are 42 inches wide. Normally, the handrail would be removed to allow the lift to fit even closer.

Straight Stair lift to basement in aurora, co

Straight Stair Lift to Basement in Aurora, CO

Nathan Colburn Projects, Straight Stair Lifts

This straight stair lift to the Basement in Aurora, CO is designed to fit within 2 inches of the wall with no exposed gear. This stair lift helped the family enjoy the laundry and the media room in the basement. The chair is designed to fold up and away so that there is lots of room on the stairs for the rest of the family. It has on board batteries so that the stair lift will continue to operate even if the power goes out. It can charge anywhere on the stair case, so this stair lift will never run out of power.


Straight Stairlift Helps Plano, Texas Grandma Go

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For most grandparents, having your daughter and your grandchildren move within a short drive would be the thrill of a lifetime. However, when you are stuck in your home because of a long staircase that is difficult to get down so that you can go visit, it is anything but fun. When we first got the call from our customer in Plano, TX we knew we would need to have her lift installed quickly so that she could get out of the house and be a part of some summer fun! Luckily we keep our warehouse stocked with stairlift rail and within a few days, we had her new lift installed and working in her Plano home. Residents in the Dallas Metro Area, Plano and Frisco, Texas can expect to have their straight stairlifts installed within a matter of days.


Straight Stairlift in Pueblo, Colorado for Family

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When mom moves in, things need to change. A Pueblo family decided that moving their mom in with them was the best way to help her maintain independence and ensure that she received the type of help she needed. The only challenge they faced was the long staircase between the main floor of their home and the upstairs bedrooms. After talking with our Colorado Springs team, the family decided to install a stair lift in their Pueblo home. The lift was installed in just over a week and now mom can move freely throughout the house as she chooses.